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build a career you love


Learn to code with a mentor

in an online, part-time course


Dip your toes into coding with our introductory, complete-noob-friendly courses, or take your current coding skills to the next level with the more advanced ones.


Learning to code can be a challenge, but it's easier if you're sharing it with a friend. In UmaHub we put a strong accent on working in groups, creating a supportive and collaborative environment designed for your growth.

learn skills of the future

Under the guidance of our instructors and mentors you'll become confident in your new coding skills, ready to apply them to a new project.

get a career you love

We'll teach you to think like an engineer and help you find a job in a software team you can call family, where you'll be able to thrive and continue your learning journey.

work from anywhere

Make the world your office - work from anywhere as a location independent professional. Choose a co-located team in Amsterdam or a distributed one and move to Bali. Your life - your rules.

child-friendly program

Being a parent doesn't mean missing on opportunities anymore. As parents ourselves we fully understand the crazy schedules of mums and dads around the world and we adapt to them. Study in your own time! The only free time we ask of you are the hackathon days.

code your way up

  • Learn by working on real projects
  • Get hired in a remote or co-located team
  • Improve your logical thinking
  • Acquire soft-skills that will set you apart from others
  • Get support from a community of peers and mentors
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web development or data science?

UmaHub is a friend organisation with the Lisbon Data Science Academy. We work together and share learnings about student experience, curriculum building and the best and most efficient methods of learning.

Our "Introduction to Python" course is the recommended method of preparation for their Starters Academy.

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a coding school nurturing a supportive environment of

learning & collaboration

We love experience learning - a methodology based on the understanding that human beings remember experiences more than information. We want to ingrain in you the feeling of “I can do this!” as well as the tech skills.

Equality, psychological safety, community, creative thinking, trust. We are more than just a course, we are building a community for lifelong learning and mutual support. A space where you’ll feel safe to ask any question, code-related or not, talk about your projects, find a colleague or a co-founder.

Communication is key! UmaHub teaches you how remote teams differ from co-located ones and how certain things and processes have to change in order to build an effective remote team: high-performing, creative, inspirational and supportive.

our partners

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Ask us anything you're curious about or just reach out to say hello and chat about software, tech, careers, life, the Universe and everything.

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