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Web Development for beginners

Online, mentor-led course, to safely launch you in your new location independent career

Date: 11th June - 30th June 2018

Price: €350

Pilot course price: €195 (45% off)

Spots: 15

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Over the past few months we talked to about 100 candidates who were interested in our bootcamps and found six concerns that were repeated over and over again

Do you identify with any of these?

"I don't know if I'll be any good at programming."
"I'm very interested, but I don't know if I'll actually like it, once I start doing it."
"I can't just quit my job and do a 3 month programming bootcamp"
"I really want to learn to code, but it's so overwhelming, I don't know where to start"
"I bought an online course and I thought I was doing great while watching the videos, but when I tried to do an exercise I had so many questions and no one to ask for help."
"I want to do it, but I only want to study frontend development, I don't need to learn about Python and databases."

We created an online, part-time, mentor-led course, split in smaller (and cheaper) modules you can sign up for separately, choosing the one that you're most interested in.

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What will I learn?

We'll teach you the full skill set for creating a static website and putting it online for the world to see. If you follow the lessons properly, do the homework and participate on the hackathons - you will be able to take on small projects for clients and create beautiful and simple websites for them, with that making the course pay for itself (and much more).

Icon for HTML
The standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications.
Icon for CSS
The styling language that describes how page elements should be displayed on desktops, tablets, mobile devices or paper.
Icon for bootstrap
The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library in the world. Open source toolkit enabling you to build responsive, mobile-first projects in record time.
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You'll learn how to choose a shared hosting, hook it up with your domain name and deploy your website, making it visible to the world.

Code your way up!

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How does it work?

Online lessons

During the week the instructors will be streaming live lessons that will be later be made available as videos to all students.


Every lesson will have one or more exercises you will need to solve. We will have one hour of "open office" hours where the instructors will be available online to answer any question you might have related to the material.


In the beginning of the course you will be split up in teams and you'll keep on working together until the end of the course.

Every team will receive the design of a website they'll need to make and put online by the end of the course. All the teams will get together every Saturday of the 3 weeks during the course and work on their project.

The instructors will be available during the whole hackathon for video calls and some pair programming.

This is where you will learn the most, so make sure you come armed with questions!

Deploying your website

The third and last hackathon will culminate with you deploying your project online. Congratulations! :)

Who will I be learning with?

  • Elena Kolevska Profile Photo

    Elena Kolevska

    Main instructor

    A software engineer with over 10 years of experience.

    Started learning to code when she was 16 years old and never stopped. Most of her professional work has been done in distributed teams and she considers herself lucky to have been able to work in great teams from anywhere in the world.

    Elena has a passion for teaching, since her University days, when she was making her pocket money by giving mathematics and physics lessons to elementary school kids.

    Fast forward around 10 years and she's a speaker at international tech conferences, sharing stage with names like Rasmus Lerdorf (the creator of PHP), Jordi Boggiano (creator of Composer), Phil Sturgeon, Samantha Quiñones and many more.

  • Julian Quirke Profile Photo

    Julian Quirke

    Honorable Visiting Instructor

    A software engineer with a bachelor in mathematics and many years of experience in curriculum design.

    Julian was the Head of Web Development Education in Shaw Academy, one of the biggest online learning platforms in the world.

  • Filipa Larangeira Profile Photo

    Filipa Larangeira

    Career Coach

    For more than a decade, Filipa has worked in several sectors - established corporations and successful startups - developing efficient and sustainable solutions that connect human motivation to the needs of each business.

    Filipa advises and supports business leaders with culture & organizational transformation, that positively impact employees, business results, customers, community, and environment.

    Her vision is to exponentially increase well-being at work and promote a beneficial shift in current social and economic paradigm.

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